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JOFA exists to provide education support, community welfare, engaging communities in agri-business formation, provide clean water and do Jesus Film Evangelism.

How we work

JOFA – Uganda works through partnership with Christian churches, schools, government departments’ tribal groups as its entry point to carry out activities.


We equip Jesus film leader (JFL) per region, the leaders go out for mission twice a month spend three to six days in the community partnering with local churches and schools. During the day the JFL show HIV/aids film and reproductive health and any life skill educative film. In the evening the JFL evangelise to the community using Jesus Film and leading people to Christ as their saviour and lord, disciple and develop them into leadership.


We mobilize, organize, empower and equip local communities, young men and women to be involved in local economic development for sustainable livelihood. Training on life skills, modern farming, water management and other social responsibilities are keys to achieve our goal.


JOFA Research chamber partner with a number of research institutions and academic institutions in order to share knowledge and strengthen sustainable development, we also play a lead role in advocacy and numbers of networking and platforms that pioneer innovation in research for social economic development for youth and children, cultural heritage and forge continuous collaborations.



What we do

Jesus film evangelism and leadership development

Our goal is to ensure every community is evangelized, disciple, and identify young emerging leaders to empower with skills and knowledge to enable them lead effectively and to be able to handle church projects.

Water and Sanitation

We aim to provide clean water to the communities through spring water protection, rain water harvest, drilling of borehole. The majority of rural community people still walk close to 20 miles a day searching for scarce clean water for their families. And if there is a borehole, normal maintenance is not adhered to. JOFA Intends to close the gap by using simple technology to provide clean water. It’s upon this background we seek support to set up solar pump system which is maintenance free, solar energy operated water pump system can be used for drinking water supply as well as irrigation.

Education and Skill development Training

Our aim is that the disadvantaged girl and boy child be educated at all levels to reach their full potentials and contribute to the social-economic need of their communities and the country at large. On the other hand skill development training is aimed to help young adults school drop outs with different skill training in motor mechanic, tailoring, welding, carpentry, boiler makers, end user computing among others. This will help them to gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge hence job creation.

Culture, Arts and Sports

JOFA Uganda, believes art and culture can help to address major challenges among the youths, tribal group such as conflict prevention and resolution, violent extremism and protection of cultural heritage. Culture, art and sports is a key vector for collaboration between JOFA, stakeholders and partners as outlined in the Abidjan, summit declaration (2017) culture and sports can contribute to social and economic stability, sustainable development and economic growth. Africa strategy (JAEs) proposes a stronger cultural believes and cooperation.

A budget of millions of Euros was allocated under the European development fund to support the contribution of the cultural industries to the social-economic development of ACP countries. The young people need to be reminded always of their root and cultural values. To achieve this young people need financing, networking, and necessary skills to build their careers. JOFA approach is to work with tribal group through cultural leaders, kingdoms, and chiefdoms to promote cultural values and self believe through arts and sports.

Agric-Business and community Farming

We aim at bringing transformation to individuals and communities through provision of hybrid and improved seeds for planting and in turn find markets for their produce.

Creating business opportunity for rural farmer’s because agriculture contributes almost 95% of the economic activities. Rural farming is mainly centered on small scale subsistence farming and mainly for consumption and also as source of income to raise school fees for a child or get treatment. Most challenges faced by rural farmers are associated with lack of access to quality seeds and quality post harvest knowledge, skills and technological equipments. Therefore the need for simple technology for their basic needs is paramount. JOFA seeks to increase capacity to produce, preserve and help them sale more food to the market at reasonable price.

JOFA with support from friends and well-wisher aims to empower the rural farmers to participate in the economic development and growth of their communities by providing technological tools for peanut, millet, soya bean, and fruits like mango and orange processing, empowering women and youths to participate in social economic development hence contributing to food security, by increasing local food production and job creation. JOFA aims to implement trainings to farmers that suit climate conditions, and crop varieties.

Restoring hope to the under privileged communities