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Get Involved

Pray with us. Donate. Child Education. Provision of Clean Water. And many more to get involved to.

Pray with us

We believe in prayers as a foundation for our success and therefore we need your prayers more than anything else.

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Donate to JOFA Fund; Restore hope and create long lasting life change alongside children, youths and communities. $50,$100, $150, $500 or more Donate now.

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Child Education

Sponsor a child and restore hope for good. Donate $350 to cater for five children’s tuition in school per term, academic year has got three terms. If you divide the amount by 5, every child will need $70 per term.

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Jesus film evangelism & leadership development

Spiritual development is the core of our foundation. JFL (Jesus film leader) are equipped with portable digital equipment. This equipment can be purchased locally or donated in kind. Sound system which can address 3000 to 5000 audience, projector, generator, DVD player cost $2500 if locally purchased.

We equip leaders per region, we do have eight cluster or region to be quipped, we believe by 2025 all eight regions will be fully equipped and evangelize to 2,400,000 people.

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Provision of clean water

Water is life, our goal to provide clean water in rural committees using very simple technological tools. For a cost $1500 solar water pump system maintenance free can be set and 1000 people in particular community will benefit.

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Skill development for school drop outs

This program target young men and women who never managed to acquire formal education or drop out of school due to forced marriage, unwanted pregnancy and coming from poor families. We aim to empower them with theoretical and practical skills in welding, motor mechanic, end-user computing, truck driver, tailoring, bricklying, and bakery among others. Hence creating job and self employment at cost of $1000 5 young men and women or $200 will empower an individual gain skills and change life for good.

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Provision of seeds and Technological tools for small hold farmers

JOFA, provides highly quality seeds for small holder farmers and technological tools like thresher and grinder. These tools are used to generate food products like peanuts paste, cassava flour. For group 20-30 small holder farmers an investment of $1500 will yield more profits and nourishing life in families and communities

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Construction of farm demonstration and leadership training center

JOFA aims to go far and create meaningful impact in the communities and families we serve, it’s our desire to establish a demonstration and leadership training center that will be used to empower, coach, mentor small hold farmers and young leaders in various aspects. JOFA plan is to purchase five acre land and establish necessary infrastructures estimated cost $200,000. This will be achieved in four phases; Phase one acquiring five acre land, phase two setup foundation, phase three raising and finishing the structure and phase four installing necessary technological tools.

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Support culture, art and sport events

JOFA believes culture and art can promote social inclusion and empowerment, or create economic opportunities and alleviate poverty, JOFA approach is to work with tribal groups in remote areas to stimulate local craft productions as means to alleviate poverty. JOFA encourages formation women groups to make jewellery from local materials which can be sold for a considerable profit in the boutiques in urban and tourist center. This help to keep their income and devote it to their own activities and support their social economic needs. It also gives women a sense of self-esteem and maintains artistic traditions within the community. You help to open door for international market for these products.

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Purchase of Vehicle Van 4 x 4 Wheel drive (white or sliver color)

JOFA is proposing and is in real need to purchase a seven seat Van. The van will be utilized to organization program and service delivery like mission trips. Acquiring this vehicle will save on hiring; air travel cost will be significant an investment of $20000 will put us another level of operations.

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Restoring hope to the under privileged communities